Friday, September 25, 2009

Pedophiles and Facebook

 In Pedophiles trawling social networking sites for details posted by parents, Melbourne newspaper The Herald Sun today warns proud parents who post photos and personal information about their childen on Facebook may be inadvertedly attracting sex offenders.  It goes on to say that as some parents are not as technologically adept as they could be, they may be putting their kids at risk by not correctly setting security and access measures in sites such as Facebook to confine viewing to friends and family; resulting in photos and information about their children becomes generally accessible. 

Teenagers and young adults also love Facebook, MySpace, texting and IM and if WU, PLOX and PAW don't mean much to you and you have teenagers in your house, they probably should , because it is common for them to use slang and acronyms—whether they're trying to disguise their actions or just trying to save a few keystrokes—leaving many parents firmly ITD (in the dark).

The easiest way to stay ITK (in the know) about what your kids are doing online is to learn their language. Reading your child's instant messenger logs or checking their MySpace or Facebook posts won't be very helpful if you can't understand what they're talking about.

Here is a quick list of common teen-favoured acronymns:
ASN - age sex location
WU - What’s up
PlOX – please
PAW - parents are watching
POS - parents over shoulder
PIR- parents in room
MOS - mom over shoulder
GNOC - get naked on cam
LMIRL lets meet in real life
NMU not much, you?
K ok
PRON porn
S2R send to receive (pictures).
For online slang dictionaries and more information, visit   or

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