Saturday, October 17, 2009

Facebook for MY business!

This afternoon I set up a Facebook page for my business, Angela Lewis Consulting, so feeling pretty pleased with myself.  The tools are available to link blog posts to Facebook and then to use Facebook to update to Twitter, the whole thing is almost mindblowing.  It reminds of something I read about change saturation, when there is so much change that a person becomes almost numbed and can't deal with any of it. While all this Web 2.0 stuff is not mind numbing, it is still a lot to think about and work with - along with the core of actually your own job, in my case training and keeping on top of being self employed.  Anyway, I have a twitter account now as well, but you know what, as I am typing change saturation must have taken over, as I cannot remember it, so will post next time around!!  One thing that I found invaluable in terms of the Facebook for Business seminar I attended, was (not only the tip about having a business page as well as a profile page), that people should grab their username (i.e. vanity url) before these get taken in the same way that domain names got snatched up.  I have mine now- Angela Lewis Consulting Pty. Ltd -  so I'm happy about that.   Saturday night - time for a glass of wine!

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