Sunday, October 11, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7

My homework today is getting my head around Microsoft Windows 7.  One of my largest clients will roll this out starting in November and we will be training around 800 users in how to use both Windows 7 and Office 2007. 

To get me in the mood I watched some YouTube videos- two of which were:

Windows 7 Aero Peek 

Windows 7 Overview by TechnoBuffalo

I enjoyed playing with the program (particularly the new Aero Peek function which foregrounds a document or file when you float the mouse on it, so you can 'peek' at it without actually making it active); and I have to agree with all the blog chat on the topic, it is has the Mac flavour, particularly the taskbar (or megabar as some call it).  Users will enjoy simplicity of the search button and the intuitive way that searching now occurs - it is a bit like Google, in that it begins searching as soon as you start typing. Greg Shultz blogging at TechRepublic explores the Win7 Taskbar in this short post.

Oh - and while not necessary to the computing experience, the new backgrounds are fabulous!

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